CBD Vape Oil UK

It wasn’t too long ago that vaping griped the UK and create a whole new sub-culture of smokers. These days it exists as a mixture between a fashion statement, an alternative to smoking and a stress busting pass-time. What you may not know about vaping is that is a great way to consume everybody’s favorite health and well being supplement- CBD. So What is CBD? CBD is a Cannabinoid which is a compound derived from the Cannabis family of plants; most commonly Hemp. Vaporizing CBD is considered one of the best ways consume CBD and to help stimulate the endocannabinoid system. 

NB: None of our vape liquids contain nicotine, only CBD and flavouring.



What is CBD Vape Oil?

CBD Vape Oil is very different to the other kinds of CBD oils. We often refer to them a CBD vape Liquid, or E liquid to avoid confusion. These liquids are designed specifically to be super heated into a vapor that can be taken into the lungs to deliver a substance such as nicotine, or in this case, CBD. Otherwise, they are flavored to be used recreationally. Vape Liqiuds are produced using Propylene Glycol liquid, Vegetable Glycerine & flavorings. CBD can be added to the liquid by using an isolated powder.

CBD Vape Oil Benefits? 

  • Easy To Consume
  • Effective & Clean CBD Delivery System
  • Great for Maintaining CBD levels in the Body
  • Great for Being Out and About

CBD Vape Liquids are specifically designed to be loaded into a vaporizer, or vape pen and inhaled (normal CBD oils or tinctures will either break your vape or could do you some harm). The method of vaporizing these CBD Vape Liquid helps to preserve the integrity of the CBD compound which can be damaged if burned, or not metabolized fully if ingested. CBD vape oils are an extremely effective delivery system, as when the vapor enters the lungs it is defused directly into the blood stream. Often when a CBD tincture is taken orally, the liver metabolizes some of the CBD while a large percentage may be wasted. Vaping ensures that the CBD enters your body seamlessly, quickly and efficiently. Although, breathing anything into your lungs does carry some risk, CBD Vape Liquids are considered a much cleaner method compared to smoking for example.  

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Will CBD Vape Oil Get You High?

In fact, CBD vape oil can’t get you high, but cannabis vape oil certainly could. CBD itself is not strictly psychoactive and will not give you a ‘high’. It is THC (another Cannabinoid) which is responsible for getting you high. The use of THC is currently prohibited under the 1975 misuse of drugs act in the UK so we cannot provide any CBD vape oils that will get you high. Although, this may change in the future, currently we do not sell CBD vape oils that will get you high. 

Where to Buy CBD Vape Liquid? 

CBD Vape Liquid can be found pretty easily these days. Sometimes your local Vape shop will sell CBD products, or you can find companies that specifically produce CBD products. We produce our very own CBD vape liquid in three flavors, Menthol, Chocolate Mint Creme, Strawberry and Berry. Each flavor can be found as 1%, 3% and 5% CBD concentrations. We also stock some great CBD vape liquids from Scotland from renowned CBD companies.