Billions of tiny receptors

[Originally published in The Leither] A lot has changed since 1971; it was the end of Sean Connery’s tenure as 007, and the beginning of decimal currency. The Daily Mail went…

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Don’t be a Stereotype

Originally published in The Leither Magazine Stereotypes abound in every sphere of life. Often a source of humour, they are indicative of our innate desire to understand and categorise information…

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The ‘C’ word

(First Published in The Leither Magazine) The first time I heard the C word Prince Charles said it on TV; he recommended it to a group of people living with…

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CBD Vape Oil

It wasn't too long ago that vaping griped the UK and create a whole new sub-culture of smokers. These days it exists as a mixture between a fashion statement, an alternative…

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The Best CBD Oils in Scotland

The question 'which is the best CBD oil in Scotland' is subjective at the best of times. We at Hemp are in the unique position of being able to provide neutrality and objectivity. As…

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