The Best CBD Oils in Scotland

The phrase ‘the best CBD oil in Scotland’ is subjective at the best of times. 

While there are other products available (such as CBD paste, Vape Oil & Edibles) oil is by far the most popular CBD product on the market. 

Everybody has their own favourite and because our bodies are different, there will be a variation in the way we experience CBD. One product may work great for me, while others will prefer something completely different. 

Our experiences will certainly not be the same depending on why we are taking CBD itself. There is no hard and fast rule to identify which is the best. To add to that, the branding and style of the CBD oil may appeal to one of us, and not the other.

For all of these reasons, the Best CBD oil in Scotland is really quite hard to nail down.

We at Hemp are in a unique position to be able to provide neutrality while ensuring that you are given the best options for you. As part of our mission as a Not for profit social enterprise, we simply wish to share knowledge. So here follows a selection of CBD products that are highly rated by customers and those that are popular in our Shop in Edinburgh

Scottish CBD Oil Review & Comparison

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Flora Fusion CBD Oil Review


Flora Fusion is the highest rated CBD Oil company in Scotland right now with a 9.6 rating on Trustpilot. They have a great reputation for producing unique and effective CBD oils that have many fans including local celebrities and sports stars. The company offer a range of different styles of oil with unique features: the Water Soluble Bioactive CBD, Organic UK Produced Hemp Oil and CBD MCT Oil. 

Their Bioactive CBD product is popular as a full spectrum product that includes a great selection of cannabinoids. The Bioactive products take advantage of the Entourage Effect which is when cannabinoids and other plant-based compounds work together to improve each of their effects ( the product includes Curcumin, Caryophyllene, Pinene, Limonene, Linalool, Myrcene, CBD, CBC and CBG). Another advantage of the Bioactive CBD is that it is easy to consume in water, tea or veg juices, unlike other oil based CBD products. Their CBD hemp oil is packed full of the Omega 3 goodness and is suitable for under 18s because it only includes CBD. Finally, the CBD MCT oil is specifically designed for athletes or those on the ketone diet. MCT oil is a medium-chain triglyceride which helps the rapid absorption of CBD and serves as a super clean and efficient energy source. 

Compared to other CBD companies, Flora Fusion may be considered as on the expensive side. In saying that, what they offer is often worth every penny to many of their customers. 

Hemp CBD Oil - Our Home Brand


This is maybe a cheeky one but we are including our own branded CBD oils. To begin with, we were more than happy with sourcing CBD which we loved from other companies however, we were given the opportunity to source some CBD oils that we could brand ourselves. 

The main reason we decided to produce branded products was due to the brilliant quality of the oils. They are a full spectrum CBD oil that is lab tested and sourced in the UK. They are produced using 100% natural farming methods and or genuinely organic. We offer both 5% and 10% CBD oils that are great for every day use.

Cannadonia CBD Oil Review

The Cannadonia CBD oil selection is another very highly regarded range of CBD oil in Scotland. The company is based just outside of Edinburgh and produce a wide range of all natural CBD products; the fact that Cannadonia is a family run business is a win for a lot of people too. The great thing about the Cannadonia CBD oil range is that they have a wide selection of strengths that cater to almost everyone – their range includes CBD contents of 250mg500mg1000mg & 2000mg. Compared to other CBD companies in Scotland, Cannadonia only have one formula which contains a rich blend of terpenes and phytocannabinoids (plant derived cannabinoids). While some people like the choice of that further enhance the health and well-being benefit. 

Also, considering the high regard in which Cannadonia are held, they offer some of the best prices for CBD oils in Scotland. You simply cannot beat high-quality products at a great price. 

Standing tall as one of the best CBD oils in Scotland is the range offered by HopeCBD. They are rated 5 stars on Trustpilot with a rating of 9.1 with currently over 120 reviews. They only really have one offering when it comes to CBD oils which is a 20ml 300mg CBD Hemp oil which is produced in the EU. It has a blend of rich terpenes, much like the Cannadonia oils, and Omegas fatty acids which are essential for growth, repair and to support your immune system. Compared to other CBD oils, this one is certainly well priced at £29.99.

Although this blog post is about the best CBD oils in Scotland, HopeCBD are not best known for their oils. What they are known for CBD Tea. The CBD morning tea is a very firm favourite with us in the Hemp shop and many of our customers. We are looking forward to seeing what CBDiablo brings to the party.

 Holistic Hemp Scotland Review

Holistic Hemp is certainly one of Scotlands favourite CBD companies. They not only offer a wide range of unique CBD products, but they offer two very unique CBD oils. The Holistic Hemp’s hemp is grown on a small artisan farm in the EU without the use of artificial fertilizers, chemicals or pesticides. The flowers are hand-picked and hung before the cannabinoids are extracted. Their process leaves a full spectrum CBD oil which is packed full of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. Compared to other production techniques used by many CBD oil producers, the Holistic Hemp method of production is certainly superior. 

The two oils include the Alpine CBD oil and a CBDa Tincture. The Alpine oil contains 500mg of CBD and is named due to the location of the farms that produce the oil; in the Alps. It is an organic full spectrum product that contains a great selection of cannabinoids for your health and well-being. The second CBD oil produced by Holistic Hemp is the CBD & CBDa formula, alongside a full range of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. 

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