About Us

Hemp Community Interest Company, trading as Hemp, is a retail social enterprise. We are a not-for-profit business; our goal is to advance the status of hemp in society, and to share the benefits of hemp and CBD with everyone.The company was founded by Dan Collins, whose personal experience with CBD and cannabis products, led him to believe that more than ever, the world needs hemp.

Our Ambitions

Our CBD, Hemp and Cannabis shop was born from a love of Hemp and Cannabis derived products, and a love of making other peoples lives better. It was important to us that our shop was not a conventional money making business, but a social enterprise where the focus was to help others. The health and well being benefits of hemp and cannabis derived cannabinoids are no longer a secret; there are a plethoria of health conditions that can be improved by the use of cannabinods. Plus, Hemp is used to produce sustainable, environmentally friendly building materials and plastics. It made sense to us to help educate and provide people with the benefits of hemp derived compounds, but to help fund projects that benefit the community in which we live in. 

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